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Pembrey was my first ever time in a British Formula 4 car. I was excited and super enthusiastic about driving!

After having my seat fitted with Fortec, the day after my dad and I left for the track. Pembrey is located towards the south west of wales in county of Carmarthen.

When we arrived in the morning, the track was damp and foggy. The circuit had next to no hospitality and even worse so, the toilets were located half a mile away from the pitlane.

Getting into the car for the first time felt fine. Thanks to the seat fitting (which is moulded around the shape of your body), it was pleasantly comfortable. In the first session, my task was to learn the track as I had no simulator training for it. The session after I could start to push the car a slight bit; the track was drying out, still with some damp patches but aside from that my lap times and technique starting improving.

In the last session, I could finally push myself and the car. Each lap I was improving and my lap times were going down. On the last lap, I managed to achieve my best lap time.

Later on when the team were packing up, Richard Dutton approached my dad to tell him how I progressed throughout the day. To our surprise, Richard offered me a seat, baring in mind they said It would take five test sessions to decide if they will offer a seat.

I thoroughly enjoyed Pembrey, so a couple of weeks later they invited me to test at Oulton park.


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