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Armed Forces Race Challenge

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Photo - 10/04/2022 Croft Circuit - BMW 116 Trophy - Ryan Margolis

On May the 1st, I will be competing in the Armed Forces Race Challenge with Forty40 Motorsport at Silverstone National. The car I will be driving is similar to the BMW 116 above, however it has an extra 30 horsepower, weighs 50kg lighter, and has a front splitter, rear defuser and a large aerofoil at the rear.

The Armed Forces Race Challenge (AFRC) is organised by a committee of volunteers from all three Armed Services, some veterans and some civilian guests. The AFRC’s aim is to primarily provide a motor racing community for Service personnel and veterans, but we also invite all members of the UK Emergency Services and selected guests to compliment the competition.

Since it began in 2006, as the RAF MSA Race Challenge re-branding to the AFRC in 2014, the series has evolved to become a firmly established part of 750 Motor Club’s staple of race series’. Operating as an official championship from 2017 the AFRC has grown in stature, with over 30 cars regularly filling its own grid. As the official UK Armed Forces race series it prides itself on offering excellent track time and value for money with its ethos firmly mirroring that of the military.

The paddock is renowned for its relaxed but professional atmosphere, with each of the Armed Services and drivers prepared to help each other out in a tight spot. This doesn’t detract from the competitive edge with all races strongly contested.


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