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Motorsport UK Academy

The UK's Motorsport governing body invited me to join their elite drivers academy...

In the spring of 2020, I was accepted to join the Motorsport UK Academy. It consists of some of the best young aspiring drivers from around the country and even overseas. I was honoured to join such an elite cohort of racing drivers my age.

The academy is run by the governing body (MSUK), and takes place at the famous sporting Loughborough College, in partnership with the University. The course consists of 4 subjects each of us must complete; motor vehicle, sports, business and DiSE (Diploma in Sporting Excellence). I attend the college every 2 weeks in a month. It allows us to focus on both our racing and our school work.

Three times a year, Porsche Fitness take us to the state of the art university sporting grounds, where we complete a series of exercises and fitness tests. Having the top motorsport fitness coaches support us plays a huge part in the Academy, and helps each of us improve on our health and physical well being.

For any aspiring racing driver, the MSUK course is a dream come true. To think that there is an educational course for students, whose ambition is to succeed as a racing driver is insane. I am really grateful to be part of this academy and cannot wait to start my final year!

Taken from the MSUK website -

"Across the Academy programmes, expert coaches, partners, and staff all work together towards a shared vision of identifying and supporting talented athletes on their motorsport journey, effectively preparing them for the world of high-performance motorsport and beyond. What makes the Academy unique, is that it provides these programmes independently at no financial cost to the athlete, and with no vested commercial interest. The only goal is developing the sport’s best talent.

Whilst only a handful of drivers will compete at the highest level, the Academy makes sure that each of its athletes leaves the programme having developed their full potential and enjoyed their experience. It is hoped that each driver will then want to remain a part of the sport for many years to come, be it as a competitor, volunteer, or part of a team."


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