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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

After having gone through a months work of simulator training, it was time to get on track and drive Arden's Formula 4 car at Anglesey.

Two days of testing

At first sight, I was truly blown away with the track. The views were picturesque and track was more or less exact to the simulator. My first outing was getting to know and have a feel for the track in the car, bearing in mind the last time I drove was in November 2020. I soon got to grips and started putting down some rubber.

The main objective throughout the two days was to work and improve my driving technique, quick lap times only come when my driving is smooth and composed. On day one, I managed to get my best lap time, and on day two my technical composure looked much improved. Overall, the two days of testing was a success and myself, the team and family who came thoroughly enjoyed it.


Photos and videos of Anglesey are available on my social media pages:

  • Instagram: ryanmargolis_

  • Youtube: Ryan Margolis Racing


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